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Triathlon Swimming Techique – What Kind of Kick Should You Use?

If you’re confused about the best type of kick to use when swimming and training for triathlons, you are not alone.  Everyday it seems I am helping swimmers understand what the kick is best used for and how to most efficiently work it into their stroke. Here’s the quick version. Swimming is a right half, [...]

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From Sprint Triathlon to Kona in only 11 months? My friend Shane’s story…

How does a coffee farmer and first time finisher of a sprint triathlon qualify to race in the Kona World Ironman Championship in only 11 months? it’s sure not typical, but that’s exactly what my friend & fellow Total Immersion coach Shane Eversfield did. Most of what I write about here is directed at newer [...]

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Bike Skills for Triathletes – Cornering Technique

Triathletes sometimes get the unfortunate rap of being poor bike handlers and lacking skills. Have you ever shown up for a group ride with a group of cyclists and felt a bit out of place with yoru sleeveless jersey, arm compression sleeves, aerobars and disc wheels? If not, consider yourself fortunate! But to be honest [...]

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Training for Triathlons – Can you Swim Relaxed and Still Swim Fast?

Did you get a chance to see the swim video from  last week of how I taught Sam – the Army Guy – how to swim faster and more smoothly? (and he set a PR in the 100 yds!).  If not, go watch it real quick (it’s about 7 minutes long). Here is an email [...]

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Rolling Back the Years with Proper Running Form

My friend and running mentor, Bobby McGee is one of the smartest people I know, and it’s a good thing too. Bobby coaches all the Olympic Triathlon resident triathletes to improve their running form and increase efficiency. When I first met Bobby about six years ago, I was sidelined from running due to severe back [...]

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