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Add these Elite Training Techniques to Improve Your Run Speed

There is no secret to getting faster, but there are a handful of workouts that seem to boost nearly any triathlete’s speed when used in a progressive fashion during your training cycles. Two of my favorite workouts to introduce to a triathletes run training cycles both utilize a running track of 400 repeats.  You’ve probably […]

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Starlings, Brakes & Heel Drop…sorting out minimalist debates

I am pleasantly surprised that my last post on running shoes (padded running shoes vs. minimalist running shoes) generated so many comments from many sides. Some key features here in my mind about this discussion is that it’s not so much the shoe that matters but how you run in that shoe.  The orthopedist who […]

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Musings on Padded Shoes vs. Barefoot

What makes an expert an expert? I followed an interesting article today that appeared in my email inbox. The topic was about minimalist running. As a triathlete, coach and physician I was eager to read the opinion of another sports medicine physician regarding padding in shoes. The author responsibly brought up the fact that runners […]

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Rolling Back the Years with Proper Running Form

My friend and running mentor, Bobby McGee is one of the smartest people I know, and it’s a good thing too. Bobby coaches all the Olympic Triathlon resident triathletes to improve their running form and increase efficiency. When I first met Bobby about six years ago, I was sidelined from running due to severe back […]

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Triathlon Run Training – How do Arms play a part in Running?

The arms are at least 50% of running yet most triathletes let them do as they wish without conscious effort in using them to refine form. These are not my original ideas, rather my assimilation of many sessions with Bobby McGee, the greatest smartest running coach alive. There is a kinetic chain of motion that […]

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