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Swimmer Dies in Naples HITS Sprint Triathlon

Another sad case of a swimmer’s death occurred during the Naples, FL sprint triathlon. It’s becoming an unsurprising event…if a triathlete dies in competition, there is a VERY good chance that it occurred during the swim. In this case the triathlete’s neighbor shared the participants concern about completing the swim portion of the tri. She [...]

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Live Google Hangout with Terry Laughlin – Improving your Swimming

I’ll be hosting a live Google Hangout on September 5th, 2013 (THursday) at 7pm EST. I’d love to have you join us. You can sign up for the hangout here, all you have to do is add your email address: Terry & I will be discussing various aspects of how to improve your swimming. [...]

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Every Breath a Gift – Interview with Darren Miller, Ocean’s Seven Swimmer

Donation page link here: Team Forever Fundraising “Every Breath a Gift” That’s the tagline on Darren Miller’s “Team Forever” website, where he writes about his marathon swimming training and adventures all over the world. Darren is attempting to be the first American to complete the “Ocean’s Seven” a collection of the 7 most beautiful and [...]

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Triathlon Swimming Techique – What Kind of Kick Should You Use?

If you’re confused about the best type of kick to use when swimming and training for triathlons, you are not alone.  Everyday it seems I am helping swimmers understand what the kick is best used for and how to most efficiently work it into their stroke. Here’s the quick version. Swimming is a right half, [...]

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Swim like the Karate Kid to make Off Season Triathlon Training Improvements

Last night I was watching the Karate Kid 2.   Daniel and Mr Miyagi run into Daniel’s old rival, Bobby Brown. After an impromptu challenge and a scuffle between the two boys ending with Daniel running out of the dojo, he says to Mr. Miyagi, “Now will you train me?” In the first Karate Kid, you [...]

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