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Five Races, Five Personal Records!

Fall brings a conclusion to many triathlete’s racing season…for most it’s a welcome change of season, some go through withdrawal of a purpose for training and for others, well their final race is as it should be…their best race of the season.  For many of my privately coached athletes, last weekend’s Cedar Point Rev3 triathlon [...]

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Sprint Triathlon Training – Free 12 Week Plan and Training Book

Are You Ready to Complete Your First Sprint Triathlon or Improve Your Performance from Your Last One? If you’ve found this website because you are looking for information on Sprint Triathlon Training, then I think I can help you. In fact, most people who find this site have either followed a link recommending my free [...]

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Triathlon Schedule for an Annual Training Plan

Now that you have completed your first triathlon, you are probably wondering what type of Triathlon Schedule will help you achieve your goals for next year. As an example, I had an athlete email me who had just completed her first triathlon last month, and her second sprint triathlon just this past weekend. Her goal [...]

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