About Us

TriMastery combines Science, Form and Fitness to take your training to a new level…whatever your level.

Our Approach

Scientific study has thrown a bright light of understanding on the nature of exercise, endurance, speed, and performance.

TriMastery applies this latest intelligence to help triathletes optimize their training to attain peak conditioning in minimal time. We emphasize control of body and mind to achieve proper form and movement, resulting in greater speed and efficiency, fewer injuries and a more enjoyable training experience.

Make the most of your limited training time with the TriMastery plan that’s right for you. Learn more.

Our Coach

Suzanne Atkinson, MD believes no matter what your age or experience level, improving Form is key to moving well, moving often and moving fast. Following Form is Fitness, which boosts your endurance and overall performance.

Coach Suzanne completed her first triathlon in 2002 and has been coaching triathletes, cyclists and mountaineers since 2006. She currently holds Level 2 coaching certifications from both USA Triathlon and USA Cycling, and has taken masters courses in Exercise Physiology at the University of Pittsburgh. In 2008 she founded the Steel City Endurance Racing Team and in 2010 became a Total Immersion Teaching Professional, adding to her impressive credentials and expertise as a triathlon coach.

Please contact Coach Suzanne if you have questions about our TriMastery training programs.