How does a coffee farmer and first time finisher of a sprint triathlon qualify to race in the Kona World Ironman Championship in only 11 months? it’s sure not typical, but that’s exactly what my friend & fellow Total Immersion coach Shane Eversfield did.

Most of what I write about here is directed at newer triathletes and “short course” racing, but the fundamental elements of training, fitness and mental skills are the same regardless of what your goals are.  Clearly longer course races that take 6-12 hours or more demand more time and more focus.   So it’d sure be nice to know exactly WHAT to focus on with all those hours!!!

Here’s a short intro to my friend Shane, his story is unique and we can learn something about how to approach training in a balanced and thoughtful way, regardless of how big or how high your ambitions are (really? Kona in only 11 months of training??)

I fondly remember my first triathlon. I was living in Kona – the World Capital of Triathlon.

However, I was no triathlete. I was a coffee farmer with dreadlocks who loved reggae music and enjoyed non-competitive running. In fact, it was a running injury that originally drove me to swim and bike.

That first sprint triathlon was an annual early-morning Thanksgiving Day tradition – one of the free “Peaman Events” held year-round in Kona. As many as 100 local athletes, (with occasional big-name pros who are in town to train) gather for an informal swim/bike and/or run event at the Kona Pier – which happens to be the official start and finish line of Hawaii Ironman.

Peaman events require no registration form and no fee (exempting us from permits and politics). In the event that the authorities show up, we look at each other, shrug and say…

Read the rest of Shane’s story on his website, plus lots of other great articles & information there…

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