One of the amazing things about a triathlon training is how it can start to just seem to melt the excess layers off your body. However there is one thing that most people forget to do and this one thing can put the brakes on your progress, resulting in discouragement and a lack of motivation.

I’ve been doing this for the past 10 days and have already lost 4 lbs of fat and my jeans and tops are all fitting a bit looser and more comfortably.

I know it sounds like I’m building up to something fishy…”Do this one thing and you’ll be skinny…” sort of deal, haha. But seriously, here’s that one thing….

Just start tracking your eating habits!

Did you know that the simple act of tracking data, without consciously changing anything else you do, can result in a 20% improvement in your performance?

It sounds so simple that many people refuse to try it! Don’t be that guy (or girl). I used to think that just reviewing what I ate over the past few days was adequate, but in reality, unless you are already in the habit of eating a clean diet, then you’ll struggle with making good choices every time you get hungry and every time you put a piece of food in your mouth!

It’s really easy to do these days if you have access to an internet connection, you own a smart phone or a tablet like an ipad. There are dozens of “apps” and websites to help track your food intake. Try one or two until you find one that works with your personality…you should like the graphics & the colors and it should appeal to you to go check your food log.

I’m using an app called “MyFitnessPal” on my Android as well as my iPod Touch, and it’s really easy to log foods, especially the foods you tend to eat on a daily basis.

So if you’ve started your triathlon training routine and want to lose weight, be sure not to sabatage your training by eating too many calories and too many processed foods.

Take care and eat clean!
Coach Suzanne

In my Olympic Distance Training plan I have guidelines for nutrition & post exercise refueling included as part of the plan description. I’m always looking for more ideas, so if you’ve got a favorite post workout meal, please comment below!

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