I’ve just published a 12 Week Olympic Distance Triathlon Training plan. This plan follows a similar format as the “First Time Finisher’s” Sprint plan, with the workout durations modified for the longer distance Olympic triathlon.

The plan follows a time based format where workouts are planned in minutes and not by heart rate, speed or power. This approach allows you to train by feel and helps you learn to listen to your body. All the workouts are designed to be done at a “conversational pace” which is ideal for newer triathletes in their first or second year of training, older athletes who want to avoid injury, or athletes who are coming back from a previous injury or trying to lose weight.

12 Week Olympic Distance Triathlon Training Plan – Level 1
Cost: $27

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If you are looking for a training plan that includes specific interval work, threshold & Vo2 max efforts, this is not the plan for you…but I’ll have one for you soon! (it takes a little more time to get together).

The plan is 12 weeks long and training time ranges from 3 1/2 hours per week to 7 hours per week. Each week follows a progressive overload pattern with every 4th week a recovery week. Brick workouts start in week 7 and continue for the remainder of the plan.

Included is a 10 page guide that covers the following topics:

  • How to move from a sprint to an Olympic distance?
  • How can I modify the plan?
  • What about cross training?
  • Core training video links
  • Avoiding Injury While Training
  • How do I make sure I’m adequately trained?
  • What if I miss a workout?
  • Should I try to double up workouts?
  • What should I eat before, during and after workouts?
  • BONUS: Core & Leg training for triathletes plan
  • BONUS: Detailed swim workouts

If you haven’t already downloaded the “First Time Finisher’s” 29 page guide, you’ll need that as well to make maximum use of the plan. (it’s free…sign up in the box over to the right there…)

UPDATE: Thanks to feedback, I’m updating the plan to include detailed swim workouts and a core training routine. Both bonus are now included for free!

12 Week Olympic Distance Triathlon Training Plan – Level 1
Cost: $27

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