Swim Start Rev 3 70.3 Cedar PointFall brings a conclusion to many triathlete’s racing season…for most it’s a welcome change of season, some go through withdrawal of a purpose for training and for others, well their final race is as it should be…their best race of the season.  For many of my privately coached athletes, last weekend’s Cedar Point Rev3 triathlon was the best race ever…either by time or by distance!

What I’d really love to do is make that kind of success a reality for YOU.

One of my athletes who was already a high level competitor, frequently placing top 5 in his age group (men’s 20-24), not only had a great finish at that race, placing 9th overall, but it was his 5th Personal Record (PR) in racing this season alone…Five key races, five PRs!

I’ll let you read his post for yourself…

Huge PR for 9th overall and an age group win at Rev 3 Cedar Point Half Iron yesterday. Thanks @top gear bike shop for fixing my brakes last minute to set me up for a monster 21.9mph average! @Mojo running and multi sport gets props for sodding me in newtons, without which I couldn’t have killed the run! Last but not least, thanks to Suzanne Atkinson at @Steel City Endurance, 5 races, 5 PRs, enough said!

His equipment definitely was part of his outstanding race last weekend, but what supported his ability to make the most of that equipment was his fitness, which was a direct result of the training he put in.

The TriMastery Triathlon Training plans I created for you incorporate all of the elements that went into David’s preparation for his best triathlon season yet. If you’ve been wondering whether the plans for sale on this site will help you…now you know..how can they not? Use the matrix on the Training Plans page to see which plan would be best for you to start out with…and if you can’t decide between the intermediate and the advanced training plan, you can get both at a discount. (discount is offered after you add the intermediate plan to your shopping cart…then you’ll see an offer for the advanced at a discount).

OK…all well and good, right? Listen, here’s the thing…especially important for you ladies and gents in the “older” age groups…30 years and over. You may be saying to yourself, “I don’t have anything in common with this guy, I’m a newer triathlete, I’m not planning to place overall top 10, nor do I think I ever could…why would I be interested in these plans?”

Here’s the testimonial of another athlete I coached through the same race…a male in his 40s…this was his first time ever attempting this race distance.

What a great way to end this year’s triathlon race season! I was expecting to finish the Half Ironman somewhere between 6:15-6:30, but thanks to a good swim and by far the fastest 50+ mile bike ride that I’ve ever done, I was able to run the half marathon at a very comfortable pace and still finish in 5:56:05. I’m very happy with that! Many thanks to Coach Suzanne Atkinson for the very effective training

This athlete gradually worked his way up to this distance over the past year, and we were extremely cautious adding both intensity and volume to his run plan due to some pre-existing disposition to achilles and calf pain, but he finished this with no problem, and yesterday (a week after the race) reported to have had one of the nicest trail runs ever in his home park.

While both of these race reports are for the 70.3 distances, the exact same principals apply to both shorter and longer distance races. If you are interested in beginning your journey towards your first long format race (half-iron, 70.3, ironman, 140.6), consider starting with the intermediate or advanced sprint and olympic distance triathlon training plans available here.

Let me know how your season ended up…were you happy with your performance on your last race of the season? Or do you live in a climate (or the southern hemisphere) where race season is still going strong? Leave a comment below!

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