My friend and running mentor, Bobby McGee is one of the smartest people I know, and it’s a good thing too. Bobby coaches all the Olympic Triathlon resident triathletes to improve their running form and increase efficiency. When I first met Bobby about six years ago, I was sidelined from running due to severe back pain anytime my feet hit the ground…I had a successful lumbar disc surgery in 2004, but it left me with some nagging pain. I was sadly sidelined from running because of it.

But then I met Bobby. I started taking weekly running clinics in which he not only showed us drills and skills to improve our running form but taught is the WHYS and HOWS of how it all worked! Bobby is a genius and a great coach…I’m so fortunate to have met him when I did.

I can now run several miles at a time, I ENJOY it..and most importantly…I can do so pain free! It takes awhile to alter your running form, but if you suffer from onging aches and pains that you blame on old age, learn to roll back the years with this great advice from Bobby:

This video is an excerpt of his Running DVD that you can order from his website (link below). I asked Bobby if I could post some of his running material here, and he sent me this link as it’s a great excerpt of his DVD and you can pick up some good tips here, and get a flavor for his coaching.

If you want to learn how to run you can buy his online video training course DVD on his website for only $35. Trust me when I tell you this DVD will be the best $35 you ever invested in yourself in your life.

You can purchase his video from this link:

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