Advanced Sprint Training Plan


Create a training regimen
that works best for you.

The sprint triathlon is an excellent event for novices and those whose speed Sprint Distance Triathlon Training Planis suited for shorter distances. The typical sprint triathlon is roughly a 1/2-mile swim, 12-mile bike ride and 3-mile run.

Our TriMastery sprint plan lets you tailor your training to your available time, level of competition, strengths and weaknesses. It provides powerful online tools and guidance to help you get the most productive results from your training sessions and track your progress in each of the three triathlon sports. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Workout Library for Running, Biking and Swimming
  • Weekly Training Templates for Sprint Triathlon Conditioning
  • Dedicated Exercises for Core and Functional Strength
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Training Levels
  • Daily Training Recommendations
  • Training Log Template
  • Race Report Template
  • Race Day Checklists
  • Race Result Log
  • And Much More

Our Advanced Sprint Triathlon Training Plan is
essential for developing proper form and fitness.

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