Hey everyone, I just wanted to write a quick over view of what’s included in my 12 week sprint triathlon training plan for beginners.  This plan is designed for the first time triathlete with a minimum of experience.  Requirements include being able to ride a bike for about 20 minutes, being able to walk/jog for 10 minutes, and being able to swim 25 yards without stopping.



By the way, if you are looking for an 8 Week Sprint Triathlon Training Plan, you can just use the final 8 weeks of this plan as long as you can start at the right durations for the 5th week of the plan (which will be your first week)

The plan focuses on progressively increasing training distance for each event done two times per week, with a rest week every fourth week. During the rest week, you will still do your workouts, but the trianing time will be slightly less.  This format is a very safe, very traditional “periodized” base training plan, designed to get you across the finish line for your first triathlon!

Many people will begin the plan with much more experience in one of the sports than the plan calls for. That’s OK, you can use the plan for your two “weaker” sports while continuing your workouts in your primary sport (masters swimming for example, or your regular group rides or runs).

By the end of the 12 week plan, you will be able to:

  • Swim 750 yards without stopping
  • Bike 12 miles without stopping
  • Run a 5k without stopping
  • And do them all consquetively on the same day!

The plan also has “bricks” built in to the last 6 weeks of training to help accomidate your body to running after the bike leg. The first 3 bricks are short, and the final 3 bricks are closer to the race distance. You will NOT have to complete the distances in all 3 legs on the same day in order to finish your first triathlon, you will use your race day as your “breakthrough” training day and be able to cross the finish line with a smile! (hopefully you’ll get a finishers medal or ribbon as well).

This is the basic outline for my 12 Week Sprint Training Plan for Beginners.  To download the plan w hich includes a 29 page training guide,  just enter your name and email over there to the right.   I’m also working on getting a day by day description up online so you can follow along with my “virtual” athlete.  Check it out over here at my Sprint Triathlon Training Tips on Blogger.  This site is just an overview, it’s not the  plan itself. Download the plan here on this page (up to the right is a signup box).

Are you looking for advanced sprint triathlon training?  Go ahead and sign up for the free plan, and you’ll be added to my training list where I send out regular updates, blog posts and announcements about new training plans I have available. Thanks, talk to guys all soon!

-Coach Suzanne


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