Do you ever wonder if you are similar to other people who are training for a triathlon?  If you are lucky enough to have a local Triathlon Training Club, then your obsessions and interest in training fit right in.  But if like many people, you are looked at by your peers, family and co-workers as “that crazy triathlete”, then you’ll love this post.

Last month I polled all the people who have downloaded my First Time Finishers Triathlon Training Guide (see the box to the right) and recieved an overwhelming response!  Questions inlcuded standard demographic information as well as questions about their motivations, fears and successes in training for triathlons.  Below are screenshots of the demographic summaries.  How do you compare?
Are most triathletes male or female-graph

How old is the average triathlete-graph

What is the average triathlete's income - graph

How many years have you been doing triathlons - graph

Are most triathletes married - graph

What triathlon distance are you doing - graph

How many triathlons have you done - graph

what triathlon sport is your weakest - graph

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