Sprint Triathlon Training is the most exciting type of triathalon training there is.  Sprint Triathlons are relatively short and most active people are already proficient in at least one of the three sports.  A sprint triathlon consists of three legs, swimming, biking and running.

What is a typical distance for a Sprint Triathlon?

The distances for each leg of a sprint triathlon will vary slightly from one race to the next. In general, the distances are typically:

Swim: 400 yards (1/4 mile)

Bike: 12 miles

Run: 3.1 miles

If you are a moderately active person or have participated in any of these activities during high school or college intramurals, or even just recreationally, you can probably (although not guaranteed) finish a sprint triathlon right now.

Can a sendentary  person complete a sprint triathlon?

Yes, most definately. I have helped many people start from scratch and complete their first sprint triathlon. Sprint Triathlon Training that is taken in small, incremental steps will help you build the endurance needed to complete your first sprint triathlon.

How much time does it take to train for a sprint triathlon?

A 12 week program of 4 hours a week is plenty of training time to train for your first sprint triathlon.  If you have some experience in one of the three sports, you’ll want to spend most of your time on the weaker sports.  Got one that is the weakest? Spend the most time on that sport!

Sprint Triathlon Training plans are abudantly available online, but how do you know which one is good for you?  I have written a free sprint triathlon training guide that you can download along with a free training book. I’ve collected the most common questions and concerns and put them all together in this guide.

Join me and my team of “soon to be” sprint triathletes and check out the “First Time Finishers Guide”.  Soon you’ll be calling yourself, “Triathlete”!  You won’t find a better Sprint Triathlon Training Guide Anywhere.

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