Picture of Triathlon Coach Suzanne Atkinson

Triathlon Coach Suzanne Atkinson at PTC Open Water Swim. Teaching a mini clinic on sighting.

Hey everyone, I feel compelled to just post a quick note here about trying to “cram” for your triathlon.  Some people tend to be procrastinators (myself included) and are always saying, I”ll do it tomorrow. When it comes to fitness, tomorrows workout doesn’t count. What counts is only what you did today.  Missing today’s workout doesn’t mean you can ‘make up’ the work tomorrow, the opportunity is simply lost.

Tomorrow starts a new opportunity to build some fitness and technique.  Unfortunately, these same people who say, “I’ll do it tomorrow” suddenly realize that their goal race is coming up in 2-3 weeks and all of a sudden, it’s time to CRAM FOR THE RACE!!  They try to pack in the workouts by running or biking longer than the plan calls for, or trying to jump into a part of the plan that they are not prepared for, just because the plan generically calls for them to be swimming X yards, Y miles cycling and Z minutes running following a tough race simulation ride.

Guess what? THese are people who do not take triathlon seriously.  Now wait just a second before you think I’m being judgemental.  I’m not just talking about some random athletes I’ve never met…I’m talking about me.  That’s right, I did it to myself.

I stubbornly went for a 45 minute run in my vibram 5 fingers when I hadn’t accomodated to them…and now I’m paying the prices with a tweaked deltoid ligament that’s been hurting now for 6 weeks.  Sigh.  And then there was that open water swim with the club. As an instructor, I was too proud to turn back part way up towards the destination bridge when I first felt fatigued.  I continued to swim the full 2000 yards and am now paying for it with a left rotator cuff soreness that won’t go away.

I’m willing to think that this is just old age (i’m 42 I think…) and not that I don’t take triathlon seriously, but honestly, this could have been any of us!  In particular the older we get, the more important it is to stay consistent with training, listen to your body, rest before you think you need to and keep your body functioning on all cylinders!  And by all means, stop trying to cram for your next event…just pick a plan and stick with it!

Here’s to fast healing and an injury free rest of your summer!

-Coach Suzanne

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