“Every Breath a Gift”

Darren Miller Open Water SwimmerThat’s the tagline on Darren Miller’s “Team Forever” website, where he writes about his marathon swimming training and adventures all over the world. Darren is attempting to be the first American to complete the “Ocean’s Seven” a collection of the 7 most beautiful and challenging channel swims all over the globe. To date only one person has done them all. Darren has just completed his 6th of the seven swims.

Why does he do it? He does it for children’s heart disease!

Click here learn more about Darren’s charity, “Team Forever”

I have the incredible pleasure of occasionally getting to swim with Darren at my local pool throughout the year and every conversation is uplifting, enjoyable and motivating.

I’d like to give you the chance to listen to our interview ask your own questions of him as well.

Join Darren & myself while I interview him about his motivations, why he swims for charity and why he believes it’s important to push yourself toward your goals.
I’ll be interviewing him Thursday evening, April 18th at 6PM EDT

Here is the registration link.
https://www2.gotomeeting.com/ register/576298602

Please reply to this post with any questions you’d like me to ask Darren during the interview.

Thanks and I will talk to you on Thursday!

-Coach Suzanne

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