Did you get a chance to see the swim video from  last week of how I taught Sam – the Army Guy – how to swim faster and more smoothly? (and he set a PR in the 100 yds!).  If not, go watch it real quick (it’s about 7 minutes long). Here is an email I received after posting that video…I’ve received a bunch just like this one:

Your email about Sam’s story has already helped me. I have only been training for two and a half weeks nmand have never competitively swam, so my first few times in the pool were terrible even with my wife’s help (she has swam all her life). I have applied what you told Sam the last two times and I have already gone farther and faster than before!  Than you!

Well after sending out an email about Sam, the video got more hits in the next few days than any other video I’ve created so far… That’s pretty cool, but not nearly as cool as many of the videos by Terry Laughlin himself (the founder of Total Immersion).

When I”m feeling swimming un-inspired, or need to reset my swimming brain after a rough swim or before a clinic (or sometimes after a difficult lesson), I watch one of these videos by Terry…just watch how peaceful, effortless, relaxing and truly enjoyable swimming could be, even in open water…this video always helps me relax…

Perpetual Motion Freestyle

According to the survey results, swimming seems to be the biggest fear of most triathletes, so if this describes you, you are not alone.

Total Immersion has honestly changed my life. It’s changed the way I swim, what I think about while I’m swimming and how I coach swimming. I’m honored to be a Total Immersion coach and have the opportunity to teach others how to become TI coaches as well.

If you would like to get started on this path, here is a link to the Perpetual Motion DVD, which is the one I’d recommend the most:

(there is a coupon below to help you save 10%)

if you want to learn more about Total Immersion and hear Terry speak, check out this 6 part video series on Youtube:

Remember Sam in the video, and how well he was swimming? A year ago he didn’t even swim 2 laps in a row without stopping!

How did he get his start? At a Total Immersion workshop!

So if you answered that Swimming was one of your greatest fears in our survey…or if you want get more enjoyment or simply learn how to swim faster, check out the Total Immersion DVDs, books or a workshop near you…

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