Thank You for your Interest!

Hi, thanks for letting us know you are still interested in hearing from us at TriMastery.  As a thank you, here are three easy and fun workouts you can add to your training routine!   As usually feel free to email us at with any questions or needs.


3 x 3 x 50 easy: Each 50 choose a stroke thought for the duration. Relaxed head position, weightless arm extending forward, no bubbles on hand entry, swim on wide tracks, etc. Maintain stroke thought for duration of each 50 if mind wanders.
Main set:
2 Rounds of
10x 50, rest 10 breaths between each.
1-5: Begin at relaxed recovery, and each round, increase the speed of your recovering arm. Take note of your stroke counts and times at each extreme (#1 with slow recovery & #5 with fast recovery)
6-10: Repeat the set, this time try to keep the same stroke count as you increase the speed of arm recovery. Will require a bit more “oomph” with each stroke. Emphasize core rotation to increase stroke power.
CD: 100-200 relaxed pace, rotating stroke thoughts, pause as needed.


10 minutes of easy effort, light to moderate gear, gradually increasing cadence as is comfortable
Then 2-3 rounds of:
5 min tempo/zone 3 (onset of increased breathing effort)
3 min threshold/zone 4 (breathing heavily)
1 minute Vo2 max/zone 5 (
recover 5 minutes between rounds.
So about a 30-45 minute main set.


3 min walk, 5 minute jog, muscle activations & dynamic stretching.
Main Set:
“Bangsbo” Intervals
5 continuous sets of “30-20-10”
30 seconds easy & relaxed
20 seconds moderately hard
10 seconds @ 95% effort, focus on quickly moving feet.
Recovery walk for 2 minutes after the first set of five & repeat one more set of 5.
Easy walk 3 minutes, jog 5, walk 3, stretching as needed.