Training Camps

Intensive Skills Training Camp

August 24-27 
With guaranteed one-on-one coaching.

Join us onsite in Pittsburgh for four illuminating and inspiring days as you apply the latest scientific training techniques in perfecting your form and elevating your level of fitness.

Learn firsthand from expert coaches the essential skills that can help every triathlete improve their performance in all three triathlon events. Get a video review of your techniques and work in groups with others of similar ability. Enjoy individualized help in planning your workouts and training for specific races.

You’ll won’t find a more fun and productive way to take your triathlon aspirations to new heights. Here are the highlights:

  • Learn bike handling, group riding skills, cycling etiquette, avoiding drafting penalties, and training safely in traffic.
  • Pool and open water swimming sessions covering balance, efficiency, streamlining, and propulsion.
  • Video review of your stroke, and acquiring skills in sighting, drafting, turning, swimming in a pack, race starting, and more.
  • Develop running skills like working with gravity, maximizing efficiency, conserving energy, and other techniques used by Olympic triathletes and champions.
  • Guaranteed coach interaction and individualized attention.
  • And Much More!

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