US 4 Day Intensive Training

customize your order

customize your order

8-Week Online Triathlon Training Program

July 30 to Sep 24
With individualized
coaching and feedback.

Now, enjoy the same benefits as in-person triathlon coaching…at a fraction of the cost!

Our 40-hour video curriculum shows you how to achieve ideal form and fitness in swimming, cycling and running. We’ll even have an experienced coach review your own video and recommend corrective actions that can measurably improve your speed and efficiency.

You’ll learn the science behind triathlon training: basic physiology, biomechanics and anatomy. You’ll participate in a weekly coaching call, where your questions will be answered by a head coach. And we’ll help you customize your training schedule to match your time and fitness level. Here are the highlights:

  • 40 Hours of Invaluable Video Instruction and Advice
  • All the Drills, Exercises and Training Advice You Need
  • Help Customizing Training to Fitness Level and Time Constraints
  • Weekly Coaching Calls with Advice, Updates and Q&A
  • Videos and Webinars on the Science of Triathlon Training
  • Inactive Real Case Studies with the Coach
  • Insights into When and How to Do Interval Training
  • Virtual Support Group of Peers to Motivate and Inspire You
  • Coach Forum Where Your Questions are Answered by Experts
  • And Much More

The 8-Week Online Triathlon Training Program starts soon. Sign up for just $197 today!

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