Triathlon Training Plans

These triathlon training plans will give you just the right amount of structure and guidance you need for your next sprint or olympic distance triathlon.   Purchase them once and use them over and over.  You can adjust them as needed for future races.  First choose your distance, then select your level. 

When you purchase these triathlon training plans, you’ll see an overview of the training volume and time required, daily training logs and weekly training logs.

Sprint Triathlon Training Plans

 The Sprint Triathlon is an excellent event for novices, and time constrained triathletes, or for those whose speed is suited for short intense activity. However, national age group and NCAA championships also feature this distance.   The typical sprint triathlon distance is roughly a 1/2-mile swim, 12-mile bike ride and 3-mile run.

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Olympic Triathlon Training Plans

The Olympic Distance Triathlon is an excellent event for more experienced athletes, even if it is your first triathlon. This is the featured distance in the Olympic Summer Games and can be pursued by novice and professional triathletes alike. The typical olympic triathlon distance is roughly a 1-mile swim, 24-mile bike ride and 6.2-mile run.

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Free Triathlon Training Plans

Just getting started? Wanting to dip your toes into the triathlon lifestyle?  Try one of our free training plans featuring progressive time based workouts designed to get you across the finish line feeling strong. 

Online Triathlon Training Plans

Any of our plans can also be purchased for use with Training Peaks online software that integrates with heart rate monitors, sports and GPS watches, power meters for bikes and for running.  Additionally our structured workouts can be used with online cycling software like Zwift.