Four female swimmers in wetsuits running into a body of open water to start a race, all smiling.

Here at TriMastery, we base our training approach on three basic principals that are fundamental to success…

Science, Form and Fitness.

Our athletes have told us that they enjoy receiving educational updates about training so we’ve decided to share it here too. This is the first in our series of ?? parts. Each post will rotate through SCIENCE, FORM or FITNESS throughout the next several months.

It’s springtime and that means it’s time to TRI! If you’re a first time triathlete or a seasoned veteran, you’re approach to your first or next race will be different…but one thing that is the same no matter your experience level is the idea of progressive overload.

Progressive overload means that you gradually expose your body to more work and effort than it was previously exposed to. Training stress is followed by a recovery period.

The initial outcome is fatigue and tissue breakdown. But with proper nutrition and recovery, the body responds by building stronger muscles, connective tissue and bone, and ready to handle that same workload again.

By alternating periods of work and then recovery on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual cycle you will see gradual, ongoing improvements in your fitness.

This idea leads to several natural questions. What is fitness? What is a training stress? What is load and overload? How is overload manipulated?

Stay tuned and post your questions here. We’ll continue to update this series on mastering triathlon, until soon, you too will be a master!

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